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Change is Here at CLC

A wide variety of Mortgage Services at your disposal.

At CLC, We believe in providing the needed mortgage services to help support our teams. Below you will find an overview of the main Mortgage Services we offer to our Mortgage Brokers and Agents.


Deal analysis, consultation, review, submission to lender, approval packaging, document collection, fulfillment and compliance...all managed for you! Giving newer agents the confidence to go out and get business and experienced agents the ability to reduce time spent on files focusing attention on getting more business.

Our systems and tools were designed to offer visibility, transparency and insight into your file while you work on managing the relationships to get the next one...the one after that, and so on.

You'll know what's happening every step of the way with a window into the deal unlike anything else available which agains provides you the confidence to know that the your team is working hard behind the scenes.

New Agents

Our underwriting department has been designed to provide all the necessary information and knowledge so that you are not alone.

So that you don’t have to spend months learning policy, guidelines and products, so that you can focus on relationships and growth...for agents early in their careers this means a quicker and smoother path to revenue.

Existing Agents

Our underwriting department has been designed to reduce and remove the non-income generating activities that consume an agents day. It has been determined that up-to 80% of time spent on a mortgage file is on underwriting. Whether that be, following up with clients and lenders on outstanding documents or reviewing the paperwork being submitted, a lot of focus is spent on the backend. This directly reflects to time spent in other aspects of business, such as: Originations, marketing, development etc.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages

At Capital Lending Centre Commercial we aim to simplify commercial mortgages. We have institutional and private lending solutions for land acquisition, development, construction, industrial, rental, leisure, office and retail properties. Bridge, mezzanine, joint venture and participation mortgages are also provided, as well as CMHC insured mortgages.

A careful analysis and underwriting process by our department is completed to ensure the best options are available for your client.

We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and provide you the confidence that your client’s best interest are our first priority.

Our commitment to the agent is that the entire process will be pre-framed upon the initial meeting and their involvement can either be hands on for learning purposes, or a referral process.

Consideration of the best financial solution will be the top priority so that our client feels confident in choosing Capital Lending Centre for their commercial financing needs.

Private Mortgages

Private Mortgages

CLC Private was designed to assist agents that don’t know where to pace those difficult deals that are in need of private funding. With access to a network of private investors, mortgage investment companies (MICs), and our own in-house lender, "Engaged Capital," CLC Private is sure to have a solution for you. Our private mortgage specialists will work to put together a solution for your client's unique situation that is competitive to the market and fair in compensation to yourself.

It is important to note that at Capital Lending Centre, your client remains YOUR client. Our mortgage specialists will act on your behalf as YOUR team to provide these solutions. A private mortgage, in most cases, is just a tool to accomplish your client's short term objectives. Once we've placed the private mortgage, you will resume the responsibility of securing further financing for your clients in one to two years.



Our full suite marketing department is designed to provide agents (small business owners) access to a large scale marketing team. Our marketing department works for you to develop marketing plans, strategies and content to help you grow and develop your business.

A few examples of our marketing items include...
Digital Media
Print Media
Social Media
Graphic Design
Branded and Compliant Agent Website
Plus much more…

A Special Place to Work

Our workplace culture makes CLC a special place. In their own words, here's why some of our employees love what they do.

  • It's hard to condense all the great things I have to say about CLC but at the heart of it all is that the owners truly care about you as a person and want to see you grow and earn a great living.
    Jason D. - Toronto
  • I would just like to personally thank everyone at the CLC team. The managers truly care about our well being and making sure we succeed, a true breath of fresh air
    Deborah F. - Mississauga
  • I've come from other brokerages and this one is like no other. It's an amazing team to work alongside and I enjoy coming to work each and every day.
    Maguerite L. - Burlington

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