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Change is Here at CLC

Administrative tasks made easy.

At CLC, We believe in providing our Mortgage Brokers and Agents with the needed administrative tools to help make their day to day work lives easier and less stressful.



Creating a seamless experience for our agents has been the focus in everything we do and that is no different here.

Daily Payroll ensures that you receive your commissions and funds with no lag time.

Automated communications let you know when funds have been received, compliance has been approved and when you’ve been paid.

Taking a simple glance at your management software will give you a clear picture of your revenues and expenses.

Data Management

Data Management

As Canada’s first data Driven Mortgage Brokerage, we are constantly looking at ways to harness the power of data and deliver it to our agents in meaningful ways. Using information we are able to help find opportunity where it never existed as well as create deeper relationships and value with those we work with.

Ensuring all files are complete with up-to-date and accurate info, maintenance and data integrity allow our systems to run smooth and efficiently.

We are able to assist with:

Customer Profiling: knowing your customer base and how to market to this specific demographic or understanding any gaps in your business where you can put more focus

Revenue Tracking: Know where your business comes from and how you generate revenue is a key strategy of all business owners.

Marketing: The power of automation and done for you marketing campaigns, prospecting, nature and retention all possible through having clean data.

Customer Experience: Providing your referral partners and clients with a seamless customer journey unlike any they’ve ever experienced.

Data Segmentation: Organizing your database into specific categories so that the right people receive laser focused and specific communications targeted for them.

Mortgage Compliancy


Imagine never having to worry about whether a file is FSCO compliant or having to build a compliance file for payroll. Our compliance team manages this aspect from front to back to ensure that you have a fully compliant file completed prior to close and that your files are paid immediately.



Being able to prospect clients is the main job of any sales professional. Our admin team helps this journey buy organizing your contacts and ensuring that everyone is receiving the right communications.

Most agents know what they should, would and could be doing to nurture their prospects, COI’s and clients...the hardest part is doing those things. The leaders in sales tell us to automate everything that is a repeated task however our industry today gives us tools and systems that are often confusing and time consuming which defeats the automation...our systems are built to do these things FOR YOU, leaving you hands off and creating true automation.

Starting from origination, we help segment your database into categories so that each prospect or contact type are receiving information geared specifically for them. Laser focused, and specifically targeted communications all done for you!

Throughout the underwriting phase, making sure that you referral partner and/or the buyers agent are kept apprised of the status, contacting the solicitor to ensure instructions are sent and received and making sure that the client receives the smoothest, most efficient transaction possible. Guess what, all done for you!

Relationship development being made through the buyers agents, and the listing agent all automated. This will accelerate your business like nothing else.

Post close, our biggest focus.

Retention: Our systems are designed to provide your client with very specific, targeted info to help them make better and more informed decisions. This helps grow trust and develop the relationships so that you are the point of contact. Putting you in the forefront of the clients eyes and ensuring that you are the focus of questions, changes and most importantly options for refinance and renewals.

This is all done through a variety of personalized emails, messages and phone calls...all of which appear to be coming from you but are fully automated and managed for you..by US!

A Special Place to Work

Our workplace culture makes CLC a special place. In their own words, here's why some of our employees love what they do.

  • It's hard to condense all the great things I have to say about CLC but at the heart of it all is that the owners truly care about you as a person and want to see you grow and earn a great living.
    Jason D. - Toronto
  • I would just like to personally thank everyone at the CLC team. The managers truly care about our well being and making sure we succeed, a true breath of fresh air
    Deborah F. - Mississauga
  • I've come from other brokerages and this one is like no other. It's an amazing team to work alongside and I enjoy coming to work each and every day.
    Maguerite L. - Burlington

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